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ATWI5M & Social Community Near East Dish

​Near East Dish & Around The World in 5 Minutes

Role: Creative Director/Designer, Wirestone | The story: Near East, a division of Pepsi/Quaker was aiming to raise awareness of their couscous product. To do it, the team developed two sources of content. A sweepstakes website drew the eyeballs of a female target with little time to create the worldly meals they desire. The Around the World in 5 Minutes theme introduced the core product benefit and the YouTube chef spokesperson proved the product's value. We also developed a successful social media platform called the Near East Dish, to continue the dialog and passion for this tasty pasta. Once the contest site and Facebook ads drove the initial traffic to the community, it sustained; proving that we started a valuable dialog about this product. The creative team included two designers and one writer. We worked closely with a social media strategist, the tech team and NE's PR firm. While the contest is closed, the Near East Dish community continues on Facebook and Twitter. Plus, you can view the recipes and tips at the campaign blog, YouTube Channel or at the campaign thank-you site,